***** Sugar Whipped Bakery is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 7 reviews!

  • *****

    As someone who suffers from Celiac, this place is awesome. I've had zero reactions from their food. It's absolutely delicious and decadent. Very fresh. And surprisingly, with a name like "Sugar Whipped," it's not overbearingly sweet. I couldn't recommend enough.

  • *****

    The. BEST!! Vegan delights I've EVER tasted. To add, they're gluten-free - and I'd never know! Just writing this review I'm salivating...mmmm. The customer service is impeccable! The owner, manager, and well-trained staff are well-versed in baking/ServSafe techniques, attention to detail and customer service. Even the most elaborate requests are accomodated.

  • *****

    I called about 6 places looking for gluten-free cupcakes, they had them and a nice selection too.

  • *****

    Christina and the entire staff are amazing. Cupcakes that taste like happiness and look like little consumable canvases. My favorite local place for sweets.

  • *****

    My husband and I both need to eat gluten-free, and I need to eat dairy-free as well. I often can't eat desserts because the GF desserts usually have dairy, and the DF ones usually have gluten! To my delighted surprise, Sugar-Whipped GF's are also dairy free! And absolutely delicious. I've never tasted a dairy-free icing so good! We'll be going back often.

  • *****

    I called and ordered a dozen cupcakes with 'happy birthday' written on them. It was the day of and they got them done promptly. It was a variety of flavors with the same icing. Customer service was fantastic, but the cupcakes weren't anything super spectacular. Flavor was good, but there was no creativity in the decorating - just 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' in a boring font. I could have been more specific to add more decoration to the plain white icing, but I guess I expected them to use creative license. Not a bad place - but not what I expected for $27/dozen.

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